true green home

 You can create a greener home!

you own your home or rent, live in a house or an apartment, or are
building or renovating there are many things you can do to help improve
the health of the planet. While creating you greener more
beautiful home in which to live, you will reduce your carbon
footprint and save some money in the process.

To help inspire and guide you True Green Home includes 100 easy-to-implement, everyday tips – so you can start creating your greener home today!

Some great ideas include:

 >> When building a home, consider the orientation of your site – take
advantage of the sun and breezes to heat and cool your house 
 >> Use non-toxic paints and finishes, and incorporate organic fibres to cut down on use of chemicals
 >> Insulate your home – it will keep you warm in winter adn cool in
summer: no need for the air conditioner or heating to run all season
 >> Buy quality, energy-efficient products – they last longer adn are less likely to be consigned to landfill within months
 >> Hang your washing outside and use the sun and wind to dry your
clothes – a clothes dryer uses more than 3 kilograms of
greenhouse gases with each cycle! 

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