true green @ work

You can make a difference at work!

Based on the success of True Green: 100 Everyday Ways You can Contribute to a Healthier PlanetTrue Green @ Work is now available!

you work in an office, shop or factory, run your own business or manage
a corporation … taking care of the environment is easier than you
think. In True Green @ Work,
Kim McKay and Jenny Bonnin, part of the Clean Up Australia team, along
with business journalist Tim Wallace offer 100 simple ways to be
greener, leaner and more productive in the workplace.

• Use eco-efficient lighting – and slash energy bills and carbon emissions.
• Print double-sided – and halve paper use.
• Set up a car pool – and reduce vehicle pollution.
• Keep indoor plants – and improve health and wellbeing.

Practical, positive and easy to use, this essential reference shows
how by contributing to a healthier planet you also contribute to a
healthier workplace. Don’t just be true blue – be true green.

True Green @ Work offers 100 tips and provides insights into the following areas of your workplace:

              >desk >carbon netural
>office    >closing the loop
>building >ecolabelling
>culture >marketing
>stakeholders   >green business


True Green @ Work also provides examples of sustainability at work as demonstrated by the following companies:

             >taylor fry >dinosaur designs
>visy >veolia
>lincolne scott >itc
>marriott     >westpac
>global renewables >interface

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True Green @ Work is also published in the US – launched in 19 February 2007.

Sample Pages
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 cleaning agents

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the new ceo

better suited


local engagement


virtual meetings

call in the auditor


iso 14000

green globe

say something positive

keep it real

natural advantage


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